The Cast of Characters

My husband recently suggested that I start blogging as a way of working through some of my struggles and sharing them with others. I suspect that’s just a nice way of him telling me to take my crazy elsewhere.  Either way, I thought it was a good idea.  So, people of the internet, this is me working through my crazy by sharing it with you (instead of Hubby).

Here’s a brief intro:

Me: I’m a late-30s, mid-western mom, wife, teacher, avid knitter, and depression survivor. I’m trying to keep it all together but basically, I’m a mess.

Hubby: also a teacher and a coach. Well, he’s a coach. He’s dealing with his own issues, namely severe bi-polar depression.

The Boy: my oldest son. He’s currently a fifth grader and it’s looking like puberty is going to be a rough ride.

The Princess: my daughter. She’s eight going on sixteen.

The Cub: my five-year-old son. He’s basically feral.

These are the key players in my life.  They’re all pretty great. But they all have the capacity to make me batshit crazy at a moment’s notice.  I would imagine that most of my posts will have something to do with some or all of them in some way.